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Here is My Review on Websitebox

I will be going over many things on this review, so I thought I would let you know, that I am a website designer and online marketer, for over 20 years, just in case your wondering, why you should listen to me. I only do reviews on products that I recommend and use myself, or on my clients websites, so that being said, lets start the review.


If your thinking about purchasing a Real Estate website, and was not sure if Websitebox is worth it, well I am here to explain, in my in depth review for Websitebox. First off before choosing any website platform, you should ask yourself a few questions , who will be setting things up for you, if you will be setting things up, you should have knowledge of website design, or hire an admin person who knows all about working with website platforms, 

If your like most Real Estate agents and are just looking for someone to do everything for you and be done with it, then, please note, the only Realtors that have successful Real Estate websites, are the ones that get involved with the platform and design, so the choice is yours, the more you know about your website platform, the more leads you will get, and your conversion rates will go up.


Websitebox Platform is easy to use

There are many website platforms to choose from, Websitebox has built their own custom coded system, so there is no need to worry about their system, it has everything you need for custom Real Estate design and online marketing. Their SEO is also easy to configure for getting found online. There are many packages to choose from, if your new to online marketing and website design, I will explain what you should have for a Real Estate web design, and online presence.

How you should setup your Real Estate Website campaigns

As many of you already know, when it comes to online marketing, you must be found online to get business, so if you have a website that’s looks great on design, but never gets traffic or leads, then it is time for a change. My approach is not what your thinking, so get ready here we go.

This is how to setup your Real Estate Websites for Lead Capture

Choose five areas you would like to target and market to, now keep in mind this is all being done online, so don’t get confused when I say, target areas. Now each town will have its own website, just for that targeted area, so you will choose a total of five custom websites to build with Websitebox, don’t worry, this is easy to do with their system, and should only cost $99.00 dollars for 5 websites package.


Why have Five Websites for Campaigns

If you want to start getting lead capture and found online, the trick to this is, the more target marketing you have and SEO for each city, will help you in getting traffic and leads. The way you set things up per website, and targeted city is SEO, that is the trick for lead capture. Now once you have done all this, you will see your hard work pay off. Each website must be targeting SEO for one city and design.

Do you Really need Five Websites

For major lead capture, you need more then one website, so if your saying, all I wanted was one website, well like I said at the beginning of my review, the choice is yours, get involved, or hire your admin to setup your online campaigns. Now this is not easy and takes time, so the more lead capture you have online the better. When you setup more then one website, you will be able to see which one is doing better then the next, or we call this, split testing.

What do Sucessfull Real Estate have for online marketing

Well they have on average, 10 ways of getting leads online or more, running all the time, and they keep adding more ever year, now back in the day, many Realtors would just double up on their farm area, for post card marketing, but now online marketing has taken over. Post cards still work, but online lead capture is number one, running 24/7. Now most successful agents, never tell you how they get leads, that has always been the big secret in Real Estate, now you know. The more ways that you have for someone finding your landing pages online, will help your conversion rates.

Marketing online is not easy, you must know the tricks

Many Real Estate agents advertise on ppc, or pay per click, like Google Adwords or Facebook marketing, this all cost money, and is very expensive to do, also your conversion rates never add up.

Sucessfull Real Estate, might start out paying for ppc, but after their SEO kicks in they drop it, and still rank number one for Real Estate search phrases and keywords. Why because they got involved with their admin person. Remember SEO is king, not ppc. 

So lets look at SEO which is free, if you do it yourself. Now most of you have no idea on how to do SEO or search engine optimization, so yes this will cost you to get this done, but it is a one time fee, vs on going fee from ppc. So choose wisely.

Real Estate marketing is a must

I hope you understand how important Real Estate marketing is, you must have an online marketing campaign running all the time, with all the best tools, to keep you on the right track. Here is my list of what you should have on your Real Estate online control center.

Websitebox Has all These Features and more

  • Website with full CRM built in
  • Contact profile lead system
  • Drip mail built into system
  • SEO friendly back end
  • Lead capture system
  • Lead capture design
  • Lead capture alert system
  • Monitor system quick view
  • Custom IDX built in system
  • Target Five city’s and Towns
  • Five Websites running all the time
  • SEO search engine optimization done right
  • Social Media Design, for all main networks


As you can see, there is a lot that goes into Real Estate Marketing, and if you’re serious about getting leads and closing more deals, make sure you choose a Website platform that offers everything you need. All Real Estate websites are not equal, and will not offer what you need.
Websitebox has a complete Website system, with CRM. 

Why Websitebox

  • One Time Fee for main Website $99.00
  • One Time Fee for add-ons
  • IDX Free no monthly charges
  • Complete Website system with CRM
  • To much to list, Click Here to visit Websitebox



My conclusion is, we recommend Websitebox , we find that it has many features and options to choose from,  and is priced right, with no monthly charges. I also use it myself,  Websitebox has thousands of users on their system and growing every day. If you have any questions about Websitebox  please contact me.

From Guest Blogger, Website designer and Member.


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  1. Daniel Davis said on January 16, 2018 8:32 pm:

    Just to be clear, lead capture does not come with the website, you have to buy it separately for $99. Still, it is considerably cheaper than other website services. Another problem I have is that when you search Wasilla (my hometown), it only shows listings particularly in Wasilla. to be fair, this is due to Google Maps, which doesn’t include the surrounding area. Overall, I am still satisfied with the website and websitebox.

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