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Here is my Review on

If you’re thinking about joining and wanted to know how RealEstateReferralPlace  works, well I will explain, First off, they do not charge you, or take out a Percentage of your commission, you work one on one with realtors of your choice, this is why I love their process. Most referral companies charge you, every time they send you a referral, RealEstateReferralPlace dose not charge you to receive referrals.


How RealEstateReferralPlace Process works

There process is quite unique compared to other referral companies, here is why, you can receive referrals more than just one way, once you add your profile listing to their real estate directory, you then will have many ways to receive referrals and leads, I will explain in detail.

Here are some of the ways you can receive referrals

  • Real Estate agents that are members of RealEstateReferralPlace
  • Your profile comes up on Google Search, when prospects search for Realtor
  • Your profile is found by area when client is searching by area
  • Your profile is found, by search widget, by State, Referral Area, or by keyword in your profile
  • Many prospects will just find your profile, when they browse Real Estate Referral Place, Website

As you can see, it is not just a Real Estate agent sending you a referral, it could be somebody who just is searching the website and lands on your profile listing, and then just contacts you by email, phone or text, so there system is set up like a Real Estate directory, and has many options for the user to find you, by state, keyword, referral area and much more, and all this is free, to be on their website, unless you purchase a upgrade or add a profile image to your account, which is $29.95 per year, so this is a very great deal, since you will be found on their website directory and get traffic to your website.  

So Does RealEstateReferralPlace ever charge you for a referral

The answer is no, you sign up for free, and they never charge you, or take out a Percentage of your commission, you work with agents contacting you and prospects, from their website. Real Estate Referral Place process, is to make sure your profile is found online, and by other members on the website directory. so your profile is like a mini website that is found online and on major search engines, like Google. 

RealEstateReferralPlace is Free to Join

If you’re wondering why RealEstateReferralPlace does not charge you, or why they do this for free, or how could somebody do all this and not charge for their services, well they do charge for for upgrades on your profile or you can purchase premium advertising space on their website and purchase products they offer, but for the referrals and leads, coming from your profile, all free.

Does RealEstateReferralPlace keep track of my leads

Real Estate Referral Place, Admin Section

There is no way your referrals and leads are been tracked, due to your profile been in full view when somebody just lands on your profile, they can see your contact information, and choose to send you email, text or call you. So no need to worry about RealEstateReferralPlace sending you a bill for referrals or leads. Now there is a built in message system for members to send each other messages and referrals, if you do use this system, it is also free and saves your messages in your members area control panel, you then can choose to delete messages or keep them.

How to use RealEstateReferralPlace best results

There is a section on their website called, How To Get More Referrals From Our Real Estate Directory, this is a great way to learn, on best practices to use the Referral system. 

So my conclusion on RealEstateReferralPlace review is

This is the best Real Estate Referral Directory on the web by far, and has many options for getting Referrals and leads, and also has become number one for being the best Real Estate authority website and is trusted by many in the Real Estate Industry, so Join for Free.

I hope I have answered all your questions on my review for RealEstateReferralPlace  and how it works, I also use this website for myself, and get referrals and traffic to my own website. I hope all you join, and see you in the members area.

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