Real Estate Referral With No Percentage out of Commission

October 7, 2016 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ News

If your looking for a Real Estate Referral Company

That does not charge you, or take out a Percentage of your commission, then check out, their process is quite different from all other Real Estate Referral companies. And is Free to Join.

How Real Estate Referral Place process worksfeatured-profile-listing

Once you add your profile to their directory, your profile can receive referrals many different ways, I will list them below, and you never have to pay Real Estate Referral Place, anything for them sending you a referral. There process is amazing for getting traffic to your website and referrals.

Here is some of the ways you can receive referrals

  • Real Estate agents that are members of RealEstateReferralPlace
  • Your profile comes up on Google Search, when prospects search for Realtor
  • Your profile is found by area when client is searching by area
  • Your profile is found, by search widget, by State, Referral Area, or by keyword in your profile
  • Many prospects will just find your profile, when they browse Real Estate Referral Place, Website

As you can see, their website gets lots of traffic, and ranks number one on Google for Real Estate Referrals Network, and many more search phrases for Real Estate. So if your thinking of joining, don’t think about it, just join.


RealEstateReferralPlace  authority website is trusted by many in the Real Estate industry. 

And has become number one for Real Estate Referrals, why you might ask, because their process is much different from all the other Referrals companies, they never charge you, or take a Percentage from your commission.
And Free to Join.

RealEstateReferralPlace tells you how to get more Referrals from their website

When you join Real Estate Referral Place, look for this page, it tells you the best tips on how to use their website. Here is the page link, or you can find it on the top navigation on their website.

How To Get More Referrals From Our Real Estate Directory

One of the best things that I have found on RealEstateReferralPlace is their built in message system. Many members think it is only for sending referrals to other agents, but on their page, on how to use their website, they tell you to send a message, out to realtors, as many realtors as you want, so if your wondering why you would send messages to other agents, is to let them know, you are a member of RealEstateReferralPlace and would like to receive referrals from them, and tell them to add you to their favorites.

Once you get the hang of how easy their system is, and best practices for getting referrals, you will love it. One of the best things to do is, let as many members know that you have join their website as well, and the more realtors that have you on their favorites list, makes it easier for them to send you a referral first, before they search the RealEstateReferralPlace Directory to find a realtor.

Click Here To Join For Free

Well I hope you join RealEstateReferralPlace and I hope I have answered many of the questions that you have.

From Guest Blogger and Member.

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