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Welcome to How it works, Real Estate Referral Place

Step One : Add your Profile For Free

  • We do not take a Percentage out of Commission
  • Read below on how you get Referrals and Leads
  • You work one on one with Referral Agents

Once you add your Business profile listing to our Real Estate Agent Directory, you will be found on our network. Once your profile is setup, you can Receive Referrals and Leads more then one way.


Step Two: How You get Referrals and Leads

  • Receive Referrals From Real Estate agents that are members 
  • Receive Referrals and Leads from Your profile found on Google
  • Your Profile is found on many Searches for Realtor online
  • Your profile is found by area when client is searching by area
  • Your profile is found, by State, Referral Area, or by keyword in your profile
  • Many prospects will just find your profile, when they browse our website

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Real Estate Referral Place, Holds a Number one Google Search Page Rank


This means, once you add your business profile to our Real Estate Agent Directory, your business will be found the easy way, and now you can start receiving more Referrals and Leads. So Join Now For Free

How to Send a Referral Message and New Member message
  • To send a Referral by message alert system, Click Send Referral Button on Profile listing
  • Send new member message to at least 10 agents and businesses
  • You may also be contacted by anyone searching our Real Estate agent Directory
  • Many people may choose to just click on your Agent profile and call you or email you 

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Real Estate Referral Directory

Things to do, so you get more Referrals from our Real Estate Directory

  • After you create your profile listing, check your profile listing, to see if all links are working
  • Description should have, locations of area you work in
  • If you’re using a cover Image, make sure it is a custom Image, Ask us if you need one
  • Try to talk normal, Google does not like keyword stuffing
  • Check you’re address location, if your Search is not found by state
  • Referral Area Separate by comma, try to use like 10 and put the rest in your body of description

Keep in mind, to receive referrals from members and users searching our site,
you must have a super nice profile, think of our referral site, as your own mini website. 

Referrals come from your profile pulling up on our site,
someone can call you, text you, or message you, by built in message system.

  • Your profile listing will show anytime keywords are searched.
  • Test your site in our search widget on right sidebar of website
  • You should pull from all three Search Fields, on our search widget

If your not pulling from our search widget, then re check your settings
or look at someone else’s profile listing from your area, and see how they set there’s up.

  • You have checked your profile listing, and everything is perfect
  • Now introduce yourself to some agents and businesses on our Directory
  • Try to send out messages, to at least 10 agents by built message system

Sample of message you should send out to agents and businesses 

Hello my name is,

I just wanted to introduce myself, I am also a  member of Real Estate Referral Place, I will pay out 25%  on any referral you send my way, please look over my profile and areas I work in.
Please add me to your favorites; here is my link to my profile.

Now you are on your way, this will help you in getting the most out of our Real Estate Directory.

Should you tell everyone about our website

Answer is yes, the more business listings we have listed on our website, will help all members get more referrals, sometimes you might find something good and want to keep it a secret, well in this case, it is best to share us to all businesses. 

Why you should Join,

Your Real Estate portfolio, should include, being part of a Real Estate Directory, and working with international buyers, relocation clients, and referrals from other agents. Ask any top Real Estate agent, they will always say, belonging to a large network, for referrals and getting relocation clients is a big part of staying busy, and getting found online by a Real Estate authority website, is number one.

Getting Found online

Your profile will be found, as soon as you add it, to our Real Estate Directory, when someone searches for your state,city or keyword, your profile will be shown, the same day you add it, to our website.

We have design our Real Estate Directory, to be user friendly, and we offer all the tools for your profile listing to stand out, you will find many options to customize your profile, from complete description,cover image, star rating, reviews, feed back system, and built in message system.

We only use the best tools available for website design, so relax, join us, and be part of the number one Real Estate Directory. Let us do all the hard work. 

  • Free to Join 
  • Agents Free to join
  • Anyone can search for Free on our website

There is no other fees, you deal directly with the receiving agent.

Why work with us,Why work with us, get more Referrals, Leads and Marketing Tools
A referral agent is representing you, it is best to work with a referral agent that you approve of, and fits your criteria for expertise, you will never have to worry about telling some agent, that your not a good fit for what I am looking for, or have many agents contact you for the referral, that has already been accepted.

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