Areas Sold Out

Areas and Services, Category’s Listed here, have been Sold Out, 

For more information please read below.

Category’s Sold out:

  • All Web Design
  • All Real Estate Web Design
  • All Real Estate Marketing 
  • All Online Marketing

Areas and Counties, Sold Out, Tri Valley Area, Northern California:

  • Alameda County All Sold out
  • Contra Costa All Sold out
  • Livermore
  • Dublin
  • Pleasanton
  • Ruby Hill
  • San Ramon
  • Danville
  • Blackhawk
  • Tracy
  • Fremont
  • Union City

How Buy out works,

To purchase a Buy out, zip code or city, you must purchase for one year. 

Buy outs can not be purchased on area or zip codes that have already been bought out, until buy out has expired on zip code.

What if there is many realtors in my area or zip code, customers that previous purchase membership can not be removed from area, unless there membership has expired.

No new members can be added to areas, that have been purchased for buy out, until buy out area has expired. 

  • Buy out term is for one year minimum, with right to renew.
  • Prices for zip code, Buy out prices , Start out at $166.00 per month, one year minimum
  • Buy outs may not be available per zip code, due to many members in zip codes.  
  • Prices vary per zip code, most popular and visited zip codes will be more then standard rate.
  • For more information on zip code Buy outs, please contact us

Thank you

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